About Us

Affordable, Confidential and Convenient lab tests

Everyone needs quick, affordable and confidential blood testing at some point in their lives.
We are health-conscious people who noticed an urgent need in the marketplace for reliable, affordable blood testing. As the cost of healthcare is only increasing, many people are not getting much-needed access to healthcare. We at Low Priced Labs aim to help resolve this by making lab tests available at very affordable prices.
There was a time no long ago when I was looking to get some blood work done, and I had to go through a doctor to get a prescription. I spent too much money for the physician visit, as well as expensive lab tests. And it was just not convenient, nor affordable.
Today, most states allow patients to have direct access to labs. I had the idea to make the process more accessible with the help of technology. In this way, it is much less expensive than to go directly into a lab for needed tests.
That is why I founded Low Priced Labs. We handle lab orders from major labs to bring you the convenience you need to get your blood work done and results back in a timely manner.

How It Works

1) Choose a lab near you and choose the test you need to perform from the website.
2) Go to that lab and get the test done quickly.
3) You will be notified as soon as the results are ready, and view them confidentially online.
4) In certain cases where the law demands, our doctors will call you with the results and discuss with you privately.

Who Needs Bloodwork?

We all do at some point. Whether you just want an overall health check and would like to know your blood level numbers, or want to check for STD’s or other possible ailments and want to do it in a confidential way…we are here to help!
This works very well for patients with no health insurance, and in some cases, even for people who do have insurance, as there are certain restrictions with any insurance policy. Such as how many times they will cover blood work.
When you need a blood test, we are here to make the process easy, and at an affordable price. Currently we don’t accept insurance, but our tests are very inexpensive; in many cases up to 80% of what you would otherwise pay out of pocket.

Why Should You Use Low Priced Labs?

• Affordable – It is less expensive than the other lab services out there
• Convenient – No need for a doctor’s appointment
• No prescriptions needed
• Confidential – your lab results are provided to you securely through our online portal
• We work with major labs nationwide

We offer services that are convenient, affordable and confidential. You are entitled to get your bloodwork done without any hassle, and at a price you can afford!
Contact us today if you need more information. Or simply log on and get started. We are here to help you get your blood work done in the best possible way.