Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

It is the inability of a man to keep enough erection to satisfy her partner. It is one of the serious problems in our setting that needs to be addressed. It has not only emotional effects but also drains an individual

spiritually and mentally. Erectile dysfunction results in the end of relationships because sex is a basic necessity of human beings.

Mechanism of Erection

Whenever we get stimulated, there is an increase in blood supply to the penis, and muscles of the penis get relaxed. It results in the erection of the penis. While in erectile dysfunction, this doesn’t happen, and embarrassment results in the form of Erectile dysfunction. Muscle of penis contracts, all the blood gets drained by the penile veins and the penis shrinks to its normal size.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It can be caused by various factors either physiological or pathological these include

The most important cause for erectile dysfunction in our setting is Diabetes mellitus Diabetes results in the destruction of blood vessels which causes the inappropriate filling of arteries. Early diagnosis of diabetes can prevent us from this ailment

Long-standing hypertension destroys the walls of our penile arteries and it leads to erectile dysfunction

Various kidney diseases can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

High Cholesterol, Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases can cause atherosclerosis in the arteries of the penis and the result is a failure to gain erection

Excessive consumption of tobacco, alcohol and certain drugs also cause erectile dysfunction

Various psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and psychosis also precipitate erectile dysfunction

Hormonal Imbalances like low level of testosterone can lead to inadequate erection

Physiological causes include increased age and Mood swings in certain persons

Rare causes include diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Peyronie’s disease, and Multiple sclerosis. All contribute to ER

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Patients can present with various symptoms. Most common are
One can’t get much interest in sexual activities. He always escape from sex
Failure to get appropriate erection

Cums too early before the women orgasms

One can take too much time to gain an appropriate erection

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

The first and foremost step in the diagnosis of Erectile dysfunction is the Physical examination of the Patient. Complete General and systemic examination should be carried out with Local examination of Genitals.

Apart from this, certain Blood Tests should be carried out to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

1. Complete Blood Examination Panel Tests which include cell counts i.e to rule out infections
2. Hormonal Levels should be checked i.e the level of testosterone, thyroid hormone, etc
3. All the tests of Diabetes panel should be carried out Including random and fasting blood glucose level with glycosylated hemoglobin
4. All the tests of inflammatory and cardiovascular panel should be carried out to rule out infection and blood vascular disease
5. Ultrasound should be carried out to check the flow of blood in the penis blood vessels
6. History is also very much important in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction as in most of the cases it is due to drug overuse for other personal causes

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Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

It is treated in the following ways

1. Psychotherapy
2. Medicinal therapy
3. Physiotherapy
4. Surgery

The most important point in choosing the appropriate treatment is to rule out the cause then proceed further. Psychotherapy is the most favorable and safest way to treat erectile dysfunction. The main principles of psychotherapy is to rule out the psychological factors that precipitate the impotence in an individual.

In the medicinal therapy, we use several medicines, their main mechanism of action is the dilation in the penile blood vessels. Most Commonly used drugs are sildenafil, tadalafil, Viagra, etc. These medicines are easily available in the market but should be used with precautions as they can lead to Tu excessive vasodilation and heart failure.

Physiotherapy also has a profound effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it enhances the blood flow to the muscles hence playing an important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Several exercises like yoga, swimming, and a 30-minute walk every day can prevent erectile dysfunction because regular exercise enhances the blood flow to the distal organs and prevents such ailments.

Use of Herbs and supplements like Arginine, carnitine and ginseng powder can enhance the productivity in an individual suffering from erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture also shows positive results in many people suffering from erectile dysfunction in this procedural needles are inserted in the skin of the penis and blood is cleaned

Surgical treatment is also available in which we implant penile prosthetics that help in the performance of a person suffering from erectile dysfunction

An individual needs to focus on Lifestyle modification and medicine treatment instead of directly going on to surgical intervention as conservative treatment is always the safest and should be preferred first. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is a complication of many diseases like diabetes cardiovascular disorders so the main cause should be ruled out either with history examination and relevant blood tests and should be treated accordingly.