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Lupus Panel


Test Description

Lupus Panel Test

What is Lupus? Our body has a self-defense system that protects our normal tissues against the invaders by releasing various antibodies. Unfortunately, in some pathologies, more specifically, autoimmune diseases, it becomes abnormal, and it all results in the production of antibodies that even attack the normal cells of our body. The consequences of this destruction caused by autoantibodies result in inflammation, rash, redness, severe joint pain, kidney diseases, and various bony and rheumatological manifestations. Lupus is further categorized into various diseases like Sjogren Syndrome, Systemic Lupus erythematosus, and Lupus nephritis. If, unfortunately, you think or your healthcare practitioner thinks that you are suffering from any of the lupus diseases, there is nothing to be overly concerned about. We are offering various tests that can help in the diagnosis and timely management of the condition.

We are offering the following tests in this panel

  1. ANA Screen,IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern,and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Ab Cascade
  2. DNA (ds) Antibody

1. ANA Screen, IFA, Reflex Titer/Pattern, and Reflex to Multiplex 11 Ab Cascade
One of the important antibodies produced in the lupus is ANA. This is produced as a result of a self-destruction mechanism switched on in the body. This test is used to diagnose autoimmune rheumatic disease. This test detects the Antinuclear antibodies in our blood. ANA antibodies are the autoimmune antibodies that attack the nuclear material in our cells. It all results in diseases like Sjogren syndrome, systemic lupus, erythematosus, and many rheumatic autoimmune diseases. According to the American Heart Association, every individual with joint pains resistant to ordinary analgesics should undergo this testing. Moreover, we do need a blood sample from the vein to perform this test. We can use different methods to perform this test, one of which is an Indirect fluorescent antibody, and the other is an immunoassay.

When to order this test
It should be ordered in the patients with generalized muscle pain, fever, rash on the body, pain while urination and joint pains

How to read the results of the test
The patient value is compared with a reference value. If it is higher, this means that the person has ANA positive. If this is negative, this means that the ANA is negative.

2. DNA (ds) Antibody
Anti-DNA antibodies are produced in lupus diagnosed subjects and attack the normal cells of the body. Double-Stranded DNA antibody testing is done to check the level of Anti Ds DNA specific autoantibodies. Normally, antibodies are produced in response to infection in our body, but these antibodies are produced on their own and start destroying our body's healthy tissues. People who are positive for ANA are prone to develop Systemic Lupus erythematosus and should undergo this test to rule out the SLE. Moreover, it is also used to diagnose conditions like viral hepatitis and infectious mononucleosis. Usually, we draw blood samples from veins to perform this test, and there are no special preparations to perform this test.

When to order this test
It should be ordered in every individual with signs and symptoms suggestive of Lupus like muscle ache, joint pains fever, hematuria, rash and cardiovascular involvement

How to read the test
A High titer can indicate that the person has either SLE or has an acute flare of this disease these days. A low titer means that these autoantibodies are negative, and we are supposed to look for the other pathologies, including Sjogren's syndrome and other connective tissue disorders.